In Which I'm Visited by Santa's Delivery Elf

A brand-spanking new blog requires a primary post of all levels of blabberdom. In this case, I shall be describing to my small-to-near-nothing audience of a broad-shouldered, yet skinny mail-delivery guy who waltzed up my driveway this morning. I, in fact, did not speak to this man. My Dad did, and was promptly handed a medium-sizedpackage. My Dad walked into the house and told me it had been sent from the North Pole - haha. Upon inspection, I deduced that the BBC had sent this to my Dad, and I was then given it to wrap.
I'd forgotten about this purchase I made on, and was then allowed to wrap one of my Christmas gifts: Doctor Who Seasons 1 to 4 in a boxset. Hel-lo David Tennant.

In other news, I've had a lazy-day all day due to the fact that my family took pity on me as I worked an eight-hour shift at work yesterday, without any breaks and without sitting down once. I'd been on the grill nearly the entire time, and my arms were shaking as a result. I have disappointed myself as I have not touched one page of my book. Christ - I have to finish this damn thing twice over before January 14th, but I'm not even halfway now. I'm going to have to put a ban on DVD rentals (been watching West Wing for the past week), watching Foxtel (Vampire Diaries is on tonight!), reading City of Glass, Nicholas Nickleby, Sherlock Holmes, Sense and Sensibility, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief or Mein Kampf (Yes, I do indeed read far too many books at one time). And speaking of Hitler's book, I've had this one quote swirling around in my head for the past fortnight: Their swords shall become our plough, and from the tears of war the daily bread of future generations will grow.

I've organised files, etcetera. But the further I get from the beginning, the more I come up with to change the beginning. It's bloody ridiculous. The game plan, I believe, shall result in me going backwards for half of tomorrow, and then going forwards until my face melts off (I love the fact I can do that - hell yeah for school holidays!). You know, character voices is the bane of my existence. And my parents should probably remove the internet connection - my procrastination knows no bounds - since all I seem to do now is look up querying letters. (I have't finished yet! What is my problem?)

In closing, Lily Collins got cast as Clary in the Mortal Instruments movie. Read it here, the article comes from here. Clary is a teen, and Lily Collins, as seen below will pass as a teen. Bravo to the casting crew.


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