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The Big Fat Holiday Four

And the boys from the NYPD choir were singing Galway Bay, and the bells were ringing out for Christmas Day. So a merry Santa Day to the blogosphere - I hope you're feeling as fatty as I am after my Christmas dinner (and that was two days ago).

Just in case you took a spin around in the TARDIS and lost track of time, a couple days ago the world celebrated Christmas. It began at 6 AM for me - I took out my mouthguard, drank a cup of tea, and then went back to bed. I then reattempted Christmas morning at 8:45 AM precisely, for my brother's alarm clock woke me up. It was a fair haul - Fujifilm camera, Doctor Who 1-5 Seasons, DVDs (Inception, Se7en, Iron Man 2, Supernatural, etc), a dozen or so books (DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, BEHEMOTH, LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA, etc), art supplies, money for Thailand...It goes on. Like I said: fair haul. Thereby, I give you a few shots from my Christmas with my brand spanking new camera.

1: my little cousin Jimmy in the Batman getup I bought him. 2: my aunt's, where we have lunch.3: a part of my Dad's annual Christmas challenge (you kick a soccer ball into one of the three goals and you get a gift. you hit three, you get three presents). 4: the reindeer on the roof of my aunt's neighbour's. 5: my family's nativity scene (yeah, that is indeed Mulan's horse you see). 6:another part of my Dad's annual Christmas challenge (you pick out a paper and open it, you then either miss a turn or are told to kick a soccer ball)

Just in time for the holiday season, I finished revising the first volume of my book! RETURN is halfway through its sixth round and I'm developing and falling in love with my characters more and more as I creep closer to its core. (:

The only thing to remember is to keep motivated, and to stop reminding myself of the impending end to the holidays, which ends earlier for me (as I am going to Thailand on the 14th). I've begun re-sketching some of the concept art in regard to said characters, which I might thrown on up soon (for the time being you should check out the gallery link under the Portkeys sidebar menu).

So, I am a recent convert to Whodom, which you probably didn't know, and I got the entire five seasons of the reboot for Christmas. This morning, I began the fifth season, which I hadn't yet seen and I must say, impressive. New theme, new TARDIS, new Doctor and assistant. I must say, I'm loving all four. Especially Ms. Pond's Scottish accent and the banter. However, there are the down falls, such as the Teletubby Daleks, and Amy's trout pout. All in all, I'm glad I recorded the Christmas Special last night and that I heard the Doctor's impersonation of the TARDIS landing noise.

And the customary rant begins. Yesterday, I rented Return of the Joker from the video shop, which is a movie linked to the Batman Beyond/of the Future series. And I loved it. To hear Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong - the classic kids. It got me thinking about a matter that my friends will tell you will have me ranting for a solid five minutes without breathing. The new superhero cartoons. have you seen Batman: the Bold and the Brave? Ew. Compared to the Animated Series, I could do better.

All the cartoons are, nowadays, terrible animations, anime rip-offs, or that strange rounded balloon-type Pixar stuff. What happened to the classic WB style? I love that style. I grew up on that style. And now I must seek out a boxset of the Animted Series or never watch another Batman cartoon again.

#end Nerd Out.


  1. I completely agree with you about that cartoons bit - we had all the classic 90's cartoons. Happy christmas!

    I laughed hard at the Mulan horse. XD Congrats on the finished revisions! And have a great time in Thailand. I heard the food is to die for.

  2. I agree, I hate today's cartoons. UGGGHHH! and for me too, the classic 90s cartoons are where it's at! :D

    That's awesome about your revision!! I found myself a little forlorn recently because I realised I might need to do some drastic things to my novel...which would of course be better in the long run, but I felt momentarily lacking in energy when standing in that particular mountain's shadow. :P

  3. How interesting! One of my daughters is a huge Dr. Who fan--her college buddies got her started. And my other daughter just returned from a trip to Thailand. Hope yours is fantastic!



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