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Cover Snobs Unite! (Or, YA Highway RTW: Favourite Covers)

Pretty 100 per cent sort of certain that I have never participated in a YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday in any form but that of lurking on a Friday afternoon thinking "Well, Thursday's bluffable. But this is just slow". Anyhow, this "blog carnival" topic this week is Favourite All-Time Covers. And I've talked previously about my snobbiness regarding the physical appearance and/or first impressions of people books.

So, without further ado.

THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER has a similar floating feel, but the air of suffocation and constriction, as well as the crowded text just conveys this subtle darkness that really appeals to me.

If it were possible to marry a book cover and its premise, I would have been wedded to Julie Cross' TEMPEST a long time ago. I know many link this to HUSH, HUSH with the zero-gravity nature, but it's the entire composition that really links with the time-travelling premise of the novel. 

I was always rather indifferent to Beth Revis' ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, both in premise and in regards to the cover, but this edition just made me like it.

I'm pretty familiar with Elena Vizerskaya's art, and when I saw the cropping for THE WATER WARS of one of her prints, I was tres impressed. I love the vectors the water makes.

Like ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, I was always indifferent to the cover for THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH while I was always intrigued by its premise. My lack of love for the previous cover is probably the single factor that prevented me from buying it over other books. I really like the strength of the colours juxtaposed by the ambiguity of the reddish could by a duster or a feather or a really impressive fan thing.

In contrast to all these pretty girls in pretty dresses under water or in fields, I really liked how THE PLEDGE conveyed the under the radar importance in the plot, and the darkness, but still maintained the underlying beauty. Like humanity under dystopian conditions. Oh, God, how pretentious am I?

The only thing that could make the vein map on the WARM BODIES cover cooler would be illustrations of anatomical GREY'S ANATOMY-type things as chapter headings. Oh, wait. There are those illustrations. And they are awesome.

It is a thing with me that I absolutely DETEST movie tie-in covers. The idea of some surly actress of the moment staring out at you and making everyone on public transport judge you when you're reading is just ugh. I've been known to spend an extra five dollars on Book Depository to just dodge the movie tie-in. But this is phenomenal. I love this movie poster/DVD cover/book cover with all my heart. Down to the colouring and positioning and font and everything, ONE DAY has to be on this list.

So, followers. How are we today? Have you got any favourite covers or all time favourites or covers that you like so much you bought the book despite the premise or writing?


  1. Great covers! To be honest I have never got on the 'book cover lovin' bandwagon', though I do love a good book cover. Weird, really, since I'm a fine artist too and should be into all that stuff. hehe


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