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I highly recommend the wonderful Aimee L Salter who is fantastic and was so kind to write a post about me on her blog Seeking the Write Life.

(A tweet from the stunning Holly Black which made my life when I saw it.)

Review policy:
I accept a limited amount of books for review, though I love to host interviews alongside reviews on the site. My living in Australia does pose postal issues, but I also accept review copies in .epub format. I am willing to consider self-published books.

Currently, I consider the following subgenres of YA books:
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Fantasy 
  • Dystopian 
  • Science Fiction 
  • Adventure/Action 
  • Crime/Thriller/Mystery 
  • Debut authors
I am unable to accept books in the following genres:
  • Nonfiction 
  • Memoirs 
  • Chick lit 
  • Political/satirical 
  • Self-help 
  • Poetry 
  • Contemporary YA 
If you don't see the genre of your book in the lists above, please email me for more details.

In regard to series: I don't read series out of order, and therefore, if you have a review request for a series that I haven't read, I do ask that you also provide me with its antecedents, allowing for a more effective analysis of series trajectory and character maturation. Or be aware of this when you request, as it is possible I have read the previous books.

I try to respond within 30 days to each personalised review request, permitting it falls within the genres of books as listed above. I cannot, however, guarantee a response for mass emails or books in genres I do not review. If you would like to send a personalised follow-up email if you've not heard back from me after this 30-day period, that is perfectly fine.

I cannot guarantee I will be able to finish and/or review every book I accept for review. Novels which I have requested personally will take precedence, followed by those accepted through a request/pitch, and then those which have my interest.

For ARC copies, I also try and review in the month before its release. If for some reason I feel that I won't be able to finish your book, I will try to email you and pass it on through a review program or to a blogger whom I believe would be a better fit.

My Reviews:
I do endeavour to critically analyse and gauge my perception of the book in regard to the current YA industry. My reviews, though analytical, do have a casual air, and can be snarky or absurd.

My acceptance of a book for review does not mean that I will give it a good rating, that I firmly state to uphold my integrity as a reader, a book reviewer and a blogger. I write honest reviews and provide constructive criticisms, and sometimes, defacing comments. My thoughts and feelings about a novel are also a big part of my reviews.

Besides here, I also post my reviews on Goodreads, and, if you request, elsewhere.

I love to have interviews, guest posts and/or giveaways. For promotion, I do prefer to have read your book beforehand or to be included on an ARC list. 

I do reserve the right to choose who and what I support on this blog, and so I hope you can respect any decision I make should I choose not to participate in something. That said, I'll probably accept.

Giveaway Policy:
This is a general posting for all giveaways hosted on this site.
  • You must be 13 years or older to participate in a giveaway, unless it is otherwise stated that you must be older.
  • Nindogs is not responsible for items lost in shipping or items shipped from third party sponsors.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly using
  • You must be a follower to participate in all giveaways.
  • Winners will be contacted via email and there will always be a blog post dedicated to announcing said winners.
  • There is no limit to how many different giveaways you may enter, but you may only enter each giveaway once. If there are additional entries to be earned, they will be specifically outlined in the giveaway information.
  • I hold the right to disqualify entrants without notification, so please pay attention to the guidelines of each giveaway.

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