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The Versatile Blogger Award

It's been about a month since the absolutely amazing and drop-dead-gorgeous Trisha over at WORD + STUFF awarded me with the blog award you see to the left. Go look at her blog now. Now, I say!

And now, the rules. So in order to accept this award I must 1) share seven things about myself, 2) pass the award to fifteen bloggers, 3) notify the recipients, and 4) link to the blogger that gave me this award.

Alright. I've already done one of these sorts of posts, so I'll try not to recycle anything. Anyway, SEVEN things about me.

ONE: I am an insanely bad fanfiction writer. I just can't do it. I take a firm stand against Mary Sues and author projection into fiction, but if I ever delve into another fandom, I always find myself - the best (fake) version - seeping into the OC or love interest. I'd prefer to formulate my own worlds and characters where I seem to be able to restrain myself.

TWO: Despite only having read the Harry Potter series during the Great Sickness of '09, I still feel as though JK Rowling claims my childhood.

THREE: I am incapable of getting 100% in a yearly exam or a BIG exam. In smaller tasks at school and whatever, sure. But once it's the final thing, my brain must just garble and select a wrong answer. Le sigh.

FOUR: I am a terrible, terrible wuss. Seriously. I don't know how I'm going to fare in the world once I'm dropkicked from my parents' nest. I've never really taken a liking to any food besides my mother's cooking. I'm the burst into tears during emotional fights type. I guess I can tolerate pain, but if it's not significantly bad then I'm prone to complaining and moaning.

FIVE: My typing speed is something like 92 words per minute...

SIX: I go through mobile phones like crazy. I put them through the wash, step on them with soccer boots, lose them down the back of the couch, lose them somewhere in Thailand... Today I bought a new one. My first Nokia.

...And that's all I can think of at this precise moment in time. So now for the blogger list - which is seriously lacking, I'm sorry. I tried not to double up with people I chose last time (And sort of failed at it). But congrats all!

1. Lynda R. Young at WIP It
2. Ellen at EllenFaith
3. Michelle at Aggghhhhh
4. Ramsey at Ramsey Hootman
6. M Caledonius Rae at Travels in the Lands of the Norse

One less than last time. Gosh darn! *wink*


  1. Hi, Nina. Thanks so much for the award :)

  2. Thanks so much for the award! :D And I can totally relate to the wuss thing. I'm living away from home and I'm the biggest sook about most stupid things. So you're not alone, don't worry ;)


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