Who Is Lady Nindogs?


Hi! I'm Nina, but I go by a whole sea of names - like Niné, Ninny, Buttons, hey you! on occasion. I was born in Bangkok and raised in Sydney, wishing for Prague, and am an 18 year old filmmaker and screenwriter, YA novelist and freelance writer. I'm also the girl behind nindogs, a blog predominately about the writing craft and YA novels, interspersed with posts on cinema, creativity, travel, and my experiences in life.

So, this is what I know:
    I was named after a French femme fatale.
    I am such a child.
    If I were ever in one of those deal with the devil films, I'd become a time lord.
    A lot of what I know in life I know from Friends. Like, when moving a couch upstairs, you pivot. Also, Batman. Chicks dig the car. Ergo, Robin wants a car.
    I've had to revised some of my morals, given they all seem to have come from 90s superhero cartoons in which there are particularly bad haircuts and costume choices.
    Tony Stark is my spirit animal.
    Curfew is for people who leave the house.
    I tend to chase beautiful boys things with my camera.
    And if you're curious, there's my portfolio and link page and you could always email me, if you want, I guess.


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