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It Starts With a Q-U and It Makes Me Face-Palm (Or, They Shoot Writers, Don't They?)

I'm warning you in advance: this post includes a damn lot of face-palming gifs. Prepare to be face-palmed. Face-palm.
So, I know what you're thinking: Q word? What are you talking about, Nina? The only word you deal with is the R-word. Revision. That's why I'm here, that's why we're all here. Ah, you are quite correct, faithful reader. But now, here comes my end-of-school-holidays news.
I finished.
Well, I finished in the uncommon sense of the word. The whole it's never really finished even when it gets on the shelf sense. But in regard to plot, character, pacing, blah - Yeah, I'm finished. As far as you're concerned, and as far as my search browser as of Wednesday is concerned: Yeah, I'm finished.
So, do we have any bets on the dreaded Q-U word?
Oh yeah.
Oh, it makes you shiver in fear, in anticipation, doesn't it?
Even if we're stuck in the perpetual cycle of idea-writing-editing-drop-repeat or we're editors forever, we have that i…

Why Do People Do Anything Anymore? (Or, Meet Luigi Lucheni. He Assassinated the Empress of Austria)

In short: I'm AWOL a lot, I've abandoned you a lot, I'm a terrible person - Yes. To clarify: I'm really trying to finish this godfucker of a novel so I don't have to wait ten weeks again before I can hack at it, having forgotten every idea I have devised now, if I don't get it done before the new school term begins. Oh, and it's been killing me to find a topic I can actually stand for long enough to write a post. (Breathes) Oh-kay. Shall we?
My novel is a glorified hybrid of YA, Urban Fantasy, Action and Thriller, with a smidge of Drama to keep things interesting. Because of the Thriller aspect, the prelude to my action sequences at the climax are often overwrought and chilling, and as you begin to tease your protagonists, you need to assume your antagonist's shoes.
You need to figure out why he's doing what he's doing.
So, today we're going to have a wee bit of a look at some types of villains and what it is that they really want, and if they&…